A simples guide

Compare the Market were struggling with their SEO, trailing behind their competitors. While the meerkat was getting plenty of hits people weren't really paying enough attention to the product.

So we developed an agile content strategy to drive ranking, click through and ultimately conversion, while being useful for users.

’A simples guide‘ is a platform that transforms the most searched for questions into video and editorial content, as well as tools. 

In 6 months we moved CtM from P5 to P2 on Google for car insurance terms, resulting in £2m+ in additional revenue.


We developed simple, easy-to-produce content, that would educate and entertain

A team of creatives, UX pracitioners and designers built a content hub that simplified CtMs website and improved SEO.


Average time on site increased to 2mins 12 secs, outperforming the rest of the site by almost a minute, with a -9.27% bounce rate. Illustrating higher levels of engagement.