Armchair Experts

Unibet needed a creative platform to launch in the UK. We saw this as an opportunity to offer something to an untapped market - the more discerning bettor.  

With the strategy of the 'Intelligent Betting Companion' we moved away from the “laddish and loud” betting culture and focussed on giving valuable insight and expert opinion on more neglected sports. 

We found real sports betting fans, everyday and famous, to become Unibet's Armchair Experts.


A fully integrated campaign that included 17 targeted TV spots, press, banners and editorial content - with offers that were optimised as sporting events went on.

The custom designed Armchair became a brand icon for Unibet. It fuelled social and PR content, went on tour and appeared at live events.

The campaign significantly grew Unibet’s business, improving registrations and resulting in an increased turnover of 217%.